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Horizon Public Health News Release: Lake Minnewaska

Minnesota summers bring many people to our area lakes and rivers. With any freshwater recreational activity, there is a low-level risk of infection from an ameba called Naegleria fowleri. This ameba is commonly found in fresh waters and soils worldwide so many persons are exposed to it daily as they enjoy water related activities. Very rarely, it can cause a severe brain infection, Primary Amebic Meningoencephalitis (PAM). Despite the fact that it is extremely rare, when it occurs, it is devastating. The MN Department of Health is currently investigating a suspected case of PAM in a child who swam in Lake Minnewaska. Earlier today, public health, healthcare, city officials,

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What is Public Health?

Public health promotes and protects the health of people and the communities where they live, learn, work and play. While a doctor treats people who are sick, those of us working in public health try to prevent people from getting sick orinjured in the first place. We also promote wellness by encouraging healthy behaviors.

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Best Kept Secret

Many have said that the work of Public Health in the community is the “best kept secret” intown. So while we go about our daily work, often in ways you might not see, Horizon Public Health would like to uncover for you a little about where you might meet up with us in the community.

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